PhD/MSR@CSE IITD. Admission Process Details:

Dates: Dec, 2020.

Here is the shortlisting criteria:

Shortlisting Criteria

List of Shortlisted Candidates for PhD Program:

- Full Time

- Part Time

- International applicants

List of Shortlisted Candidates for MSR Program (last updated on 19th November 2020):

- Full Time

- Part Time

The list(s) of shortlisted candidates has (have) been generated using an automated script based on the information provided in the forms filled by the candidates. It is possible for these lists to have errors. The final offer of admission depends on the candidate meeting the shortlisting criteria given above. If your name does not appear in the list(s) above but you think you qualify the shortlisting criteria above, you should plan on appearing for the test/interview in one of the cycles.
NOTE: A candidate should appear for the selection process if and only if he/she meets the shortlisting criteria.

Our PhD/MSR selection will be a two-stage process with details described below.

Stage 1:The first stage will consist of an online programming test where you will be asked to write simple programs in a language of your choice among the following set of languages: C/C++ , Java and Python. Your program is supposed to compile and generate the expected output, to score in programming questions.
Stage 2: This will consist of an in-person interview conducted over Microsoft Teams. Stage 2 will consist of basic as well as advanced set of questions testing your knowledge of core computer science subjects including (but not limited to) Data Structures and Algorithms, Probability and Linear algebra and Combinatorics, Boolean Algebra, Operating systems, Architecture and Networks etc. Additionally, the test/interview will consist of questions testing your basic aptitude/reasoning skills. The test/interview process will also be geared towards checking your overall research aptitute, your knowledge of concepts in your proposed area of research, and your ability to do fundamental research in the area of Computer Science and Engineering.

Here is the rough timeline of how these stages will be conducted.

Stage 1: Programming test on 1st December from 3PM-4PM. Only those qualifying Stage 1 will be asked to appear for Stage 2 . The programming test will be conducted through HackerEarth. Read the instructions carefully to know the system requirements.

Stage 2: Verbal Interview. Candidates will be appearing for an online interview over Microsoft Teams on (a) for PhD: either 9th or 10th December, (b) for MSR: either 10th or 11th December.

NOTE: The details on this page describe the details for admission into PhD/MSR program @ Dept. of CSE at IIT Delhi. To know about the selection process for PhD/MSR program of School of Information Technology (SIT), visit here.

For questions, Contact us: icphd AT (for PhD); icmsres AT (for MSR)
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