Algorithms and Complexity Theory

Algorithmic graph Theory, Computational geometry, Randomized algorithms, Approximation algorithms, Complexity theory.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Soft computing based machine learning for bio-informatics, Probabilistic fuzzy rough set representations, Courteous logic based represtation for requirements engineering, Natural language processing, Intelligent location based services, Machine learning for vision problems, Computational advertising, Machine learning applied to large social networks, Multiple kernel learning, Multi-label classification, Data-driven modeling of networked systems, Machine learning applications.

Databases and Data Analytics

Intention mining, Policy driven databases, Information retrieval, Information dissemination in social networks, Semantic web data management, Opinion mining.

Architecture and Embedded Systems

Hardware-Software co-design, Embedded systems design, Reconfigurable computing, Fault- tolerance computing, Hardware implementations, Temperature aware architectures.

Graphics and Vision

Graphics, Vision, Image and video processing, Mobile Multimedia.

Computer Networks and Distributed Systems

Mesh Networks, 4G LTE/ WiMAX, Cognitive Radio, Cellular measurement, Indoor positioning, Random graphs, Operating systems security, Wireless networks, Network security.

Programming Languages, Semantics and Verification

Applications of verification in network models, Verification of relaxed memory models, Distributed systems, Theory and practice of concurrent systems.

Operating Systems, High Performance Computing and Systems

Compiler design, Developing an integrated programming framework for CPU/GPU computing, Multiprocessor record/replay using virtual machine monitors.

Information and Communication Technologies for Development

Rural content distribution, rural network measurements, Community radio, Community media, Mobile health, Governance and accountability