Applying for PhD Programme

Admissions to the PhD programme are held twice a year, in May and December. Applications can be submitted online at the IIT Delhi Admissions web site, starting March and October respectively. Follow the "Admission->PG Admission" link.

- Important Information

All information regarding admissions can be found on the IIT Delhi Admissions web site vis-a-vis the following

  • Important Dates
  • Application Fees for different programmes and payment procedures
  • Application form and guidelines for filling up the application form
  • Information Brochure
  • Advertisement for PhD Admissions
  • FAQs - Technical problems and other general questions
  • Please check the brochure.

    Filtering criteria of last cycle

    The department is actively engaged in the following areas of research:

  • Algorithms and Complexity Theory
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Databases and Data Analytics
  • Architecture and Embedded Systems
  • Graphic and Vision
  • Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
  • Programming Languages, Semantics and Verification
  • Operating Systems, High Performance Computing and Systems
  • Information and Communication Technologies for Development
  • PhD aspirants are advised to connect with faculty and scholars working in their respective areas of interest before as well as during the application process. This will help them to gain better clarity on research possibilities and expectations. Also about research groups and ongoing work and where they can fit in and effectively contribute.

    Many faculty members are taking up interdisciplinary research (e.g. assistive technologies). Aspiring candidates are advised to get in touch with faculty working in such areas to find out more about what these directions entail for them.

    One can know more about the areas and related faculty members here

    One can get in touch with PhD coordinators @

    Following the application submission, candidates will be shortlisted for a test/interview. Shortlisting criteria for test/interview calls will be published on the Department web site. The test/interview will test your familiarity with basic concepts in Computer Scienceand Engineering and your ability to analyze and formulate a solution to a problem.

    We will test you on fundamentals of computer science, including (but not limited to) programming, data structures and algorithms, computer architecture, operating systems, programming languages, computer networks, theory of computation, etc. In general, if you are interested in a particular stream of computer science, we expect you to have a strong grasp of that stream, along with a good breadth knowledge of other CS areas. We will first have a written/programming screening test on basic aptitude and CS fundamentals and/or basic programming skills, followed by interviews for the shortlisted candidates.

    - Preparing for PhD Interviews

    Several students ask us how to prepare for the Ph.D. interviews. There is a lot of misunderstanding about what we are looking for, and how we ensure that students that make it have not just "seen" the answers to the questions we ask. We are testing for the depth of your grasp on Computer Science concepts. We ask conceptual, creative questions to test whether you are reasoning based on first principles, whether you can think critically, and can solve problems intelligently.

    Here are some resources that should help you prepare : Preparing for PhD Interviews By Prof. Shweta Agrawal

    - Travel and accommodation availability/reimbursement eligibility

    All applicants who are shortlisted and called for an interview are provided to-and-fro travel reimbursement for Sleeper class by train or Non-AC bus from their place of residence to New Delhi. They need to provide appropriate proof (copy of tickets) for claiming the same. Accommodation in hostels are provided (on a shared basis) on payment of nominal charges (will be informed in the interview letter).

    - Documents required at the time of interview

    The candidates are expected to bring the interview call letter, a copy of resume, qualification documents, work experience documents (if any), and other documents which the candidate may deem relevant for putting up his/her credentials.

    - Notification/enquiry of selection and joining letter

    The list of selected candidates is published on the department websites -

    CSE department -

    SIT department -

    All full-time PhD students receive some form of financial assistance during PhD

    - Institute Assistantship

    All full-time PhD scholars are eligible for Institute scholarship (Rs. 28,000 per month for students with a M.Tech or equivalent degree, and Rs. 25,000 per month for students with a B. Tech. or equivalent degree) are available for PhD students. An additional top-up of Rs. 10,000 per month is also possible based on contribution to ongoing research projects.

    Various other schemes are also available for covering expenses such as those related to conference travel, books, and other contingencies.

    - Industry and Other Government Fellowships

    - TCS Fellowship: It happens twice per year. Department will be mailing you with the requisite details before each deadline.

    - Microsoft India PhD Fellowship: Know more

    - Google India PhD Fellowship: Know more

    - Prime Minister Fellowship Scheme: Know more

    - Xerox Fellowship: Know more

    - IBM PhD Fellowship: Know more

    - Intel PhD Fellowship: Know more

    *Fellowships have been received in the past by students and are just representative examples. Newer fellowships are announced every year and there are many such fellowships available, which the student can check once he/she joins and apply as per eligibility.

    - TA requirements for scholarship funded students

    Teaching assistant duty of 8 hours per week is expected from students getting financial aid. This may include : course related duties like assessment, grading etc., lab related duties or other administrative duties.

    While there are formal announcements for application for admission into our Ph.D. programme (typically in October and March of every year), we accept application forms round the year from interested candidates.

    A print version of application form needs to be submitted along with a demand draft (of amount Rs. 300/- in favour of Registrar, IIT Delhi payable at Delhi) and relevant documents (application form, CV/resume and any other relevant document) and sent to Deputy Registrar (at Deputy Registrar, PG Section, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-16). Based on the review of the application by the department, a call for interview will be communicated to the candidate from the department.

    Once selected through rolling admission process, a candidate is typically expected to join within a month of the offer of admission. However under special cases (like serving notice period in their organization, or any other justified reason), a request to join later can be initiated with the academic section.

    While a candidate can join the department in the middle of a semester through process, he/she can register for courses only whenever the subsequent semester starts.

    Difference between admission to CSE and SIT

    Most of the faculty members are associated with both CSE and SIT departments and a student can be enrolled in either of them to work with our faculty. Both the departments maintain similar quality of research standards. However, a key difference is that a student enrolled in CSE department is expected to have sound concepts in core computer science related fields and is expected to work on problems related to computer science. But, a student enrolled in the SIT department is expected to just have awareness of computer science but expertise in a related field (e.g. electronics, mechanical, etc.) and wants to do interdisciplinary research involving computer science. Typically, student who have done their earlier studies in non-CS fields apply for SIT while students with CS background apply for the CSE department. Barring slight difference in the comprehensive requirements of the two departments (provide a link), the students enrolled in both the departments are treated equally and follow similar academic requirements.


    Full-time PhD students are provided accommodation on campus. Married students are provided an apartment (subject to availability) while unmarried students get hostel accommodation.

  • Hostels - separate hostels for boys and girls
  • Married Scholar Apartments - for married scholars staying with spouse
  • Medical Facilities

    Students and their dependents also have free access to the medical and sporting facilities on campus. PhD Scholars are provided free on campus medical facilities (consultancy, medicines, treatment) and free consultancy for spouse and kids.

    Notes for Part-time PhD applicants/students

    The requirements for part time students can be found here. Students working in technology industry/research establishments can apply for admission under part time category. We mention some general advice for part time students to enable them take right decision on admission.

  • The PhD programme at CSE/SIT departments of IIT Delhi is highly competitive and requires regular focus and commitment to research. Students should be well versed with this fact and should apply for admissions only if their workload allows them time for research.
  • It is generally difficult to manage a different work profile at work and at IITD. If there is a research topic which is related to the job being done at workplace, it can be of great help for the student. However, this is just an advice and is subject to the amount of effort the candidate is willing to put in on the research.
  • Part-time students also need to complete the course requirements which require them to attend classes atleast in the first semester. While some of the classes can be organized in the morning or evening slots to suit part-time students, it may not always be possible depending on the class size and hence students are advised to consider this aspect when applying. Part-time students from outside NCR can be provided hostel accommodation during the period of course work.