Useful Resources

Available Infrastructure

  • HPC : The supercomputing facility at IITD

  • The HPC facility contains a total of 422 compute nodes with 238 CPU nodes, 161 GPU accelerated nodes and 23 Xeon Phi co-processor nodes. You can setup multiple jobs running parallely. It also comes pre-installed with a variety of software (loaded as modules) like Tensorflow, MATLAB etc.

  • GCL : General Computing Lab

  • General Computing Lab, 4th Floor, Bharti Building open throughout the day is a common workplace. Users are allowed to login to any of the computers after an account is created and a storage space is provided which is preserved. This is also required for you to request a webpage hosting.

  • Baadal : The IITD internal cloud

  • Baadal has 32 blade servers each with 48 core Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v3 @ 2.50GHz and 377 GB RAM, a n*10Gbps ethernet backbone and 10 TB of virtualized storage. You can request a VM from the link above after logging in. Backup and power management are also offered. These VMs are also used for creating evaluation servers for students.

  • Meeting Room Booking System

  • Once you have your GCL login ready, you can use the same to book meeting rooms in CSE/SIT from here.

  • Github IITD

  • Local github to allow sharing code privately. Note that also offers an academic version where private repositories are allowed.

  • IITD URL Shortener

  • For shortening urls and distributing to other students.


  • Hospital Facilities

  • The IITD Hospital offers a large number of facilities which can referred to by visiting the hospital. A number of specialists also visit the hospital on a regular basis.

  • YourDOST: IITD's partner for Emotional Health

  • PhD is a hard time emotionally and mentally as well. You can sign up on the above link for professional advice for free using a "" email address. This is accessible from inside/outside the campus and available as a mobile app as well. Sometimes, talking helps.

PhD Reps

The PhD Reps are a channel to the administration regarding concerns of PhD Students.

Current PhD reps are Akashdeep Bansal, Ovia Seshadri, Geeta and Anupam Sobti. Please get in touch with one the reps if you have any concerns/suggestions.

[Meeting Minutes - Jun 2018] [PhD Reps Summary Sem 2 (2016 - 17)]

Reading groups

  • Vertecs

  • Reading group in the broad areas of Programming Languages and Systems.

  • Assistive

  • Software Applications Towards Assistive Technologies for Persons with Visual Impairments

  • Neural-Symbolic Learning Reading Group

  • Reading group on integrating two major areas of artificial intelligence: neural learning and symbolic reasoning.

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